What is de-thinging?

de-thinging stands for a critical and holistic view of our world of things i.e. of our possessions and property. Based on the terms detachment and detox, it is an invitation to critically question the relations to our things.

The goal is to reduce material dependency and to gain an increase in freedom and quality of life – by answering the question: “Which things do I really need?”


Moritz Grund, a design thinker, author and initiator of many unusual projects, is the mind behind the concept. The idea emerged during a seven-year self-experiment on the reduction of possessions and property, which the author documented in his book “ONEHUNDRED – The Designer and Things. A self-experiment.” (niggli 2012).

Motivated by inquiries and reactions from readers, the development of a decision making tool began. Extensive research, testing and surveys revealed the lack of fundamental and holistic methods for decluttering or simplyfing. Despite a certain trend toward less things, Simplyfied Life, Decluttering, Minimal Lifestyle and countless books and blogs with tips for decluttering, none of the concepts involved buying decisions, consumer behavior and the social and ecological aspects for our things.

This gap will soon be closed with the upcoming book by Moritz Grund.


The book (summer 2018), is a source of inspiration for a life beyond materialistic constraints and “life-consuming” relationships to things. It offers simple practices for a lighter, liberated life and enables you to pick the “right things”.

The goal is to train yourself in intuitive decision-making and developing a thing-intuiton (thingtuition) which helps to find the answer to the basic question: “What things do I really need?” – regardless of your task or motivation. The clearence of the childhood home, the feeling of being “buried by your own stuff”, the desire for tidiness and clarity will be approached as well as the indecision before buying, for example a new jacket.

The book takes current approaches, such as Lessness, Simplified Life, Minimal Living, Down-Shifting, combines them with sustainability plus a consumer-critical attitude and creates a radical holistic methodology.
The result is a practical book with a simple comprehensible structure and many answers. It’s a little book with a big message, a radical manual – a manifesto.


To design a beautiful book, to translate and to produce the first edition, many supporters are needed. As part of a crowdfunding campaign, the author Moritz Grund and his team want to collect the necessary funds and share the concept with anyone looking for a better life with less stress and stuff.

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